We have experience in a wide assortment of construction projects that include healthcare/medical facilities, educational centers institutions, industries, religious facilities, interiors, restaurants, retail facilities and remodeling.


North American Construction Co. has pushed for a high standard of excellence in the construction since it started in 1999. Based in Houston, we provide management of construction/design-build services all across Texas. From the time it is conceptualized to the moment is it realized, our highly trained staff meet the needs of our clients with their knowledge and experience, which covers a wide variety of construction projects. With an innate sense of achievement due to hard work and joint effort, this company believes that employees, clients, suppliers and sub-contractors deserve to be respected and rewarded because of their loyalty and achievements. This inspires us to continuously strive for success. As it dedicates and commits itself to guarantee services of high quality to our clients, we are firm in our commitment to supply expert services for construction. We work hand-in-hand with all our clients to make sure that their construction project shows a high standard of workmanship and is accomplished within the targeted time frame and budget.

We are Better Business Bureau Accreditation Company.


Clients have their own vision with regards to their project. We believe that they can benefit from a partner who supports, understands and carries this out. This approach of North American Construction Company is the main reason for the success of the company’s projects and relationships. Not only do we commit to building solid structures but also stand by them.

Our clients rely on the expertise of North American Construction Co. to provide solutions and its commitment to give the best quality of service by means of expert and cost-efficient methods. This gives top priority to the environment and to safety. Our expertise covers a wide area of the construction industry, ranging from small projects to big projects, including those that come in between. The services of North American Construction Co. aim to build high quality structures as they provide unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Our team works together with proprietors and architects to make the budget, schedule and the structure’s integrity their top priority. This way, projects become both functional and cost-efficient.


Our aim is to supply high quality construction services, which surpass the expectations of our clients. Our mission is to provide the best construction services that will be respected by our clients as well as the company’s employees, suppliers and subcontractors. Our expertise and reliability, which add value to every project, will enable us to deliver projects that go beyond the expectations of customers.


North American Construction Co. performance shall above all be characterized by excellence in all respects. Respect for each individual will be reflected in our organization. Teamwork will be given emphasis in the formation and growth of our organizations and in the performance of our tasks. A client-first culture will be promoted.

Our approach towards construction simplifies the process of designing, pricing and building because it lets decisions on projects be made earlier. During the initial phase of designing, we help in setting project standards plus preparing budgets and schedules. Providing cost input to the owner during the project’s earlier stages ensures the maximum price of construction, as earlier given.