NACCO is committed to client service and satisfaction. We offer preconstruction, construction and management services that make the process easier for our clients, save time and money and ensure project goals are met.


  • Project early progress
  • Analysis of materials and systems
  • Review and coordination of construction document constructability
  • Planning for construction
  • Investigation of site
  • Scheduling of the whole project
  • Management of construction permits
  • Progress of an assured maximum cost
  • Safety Procedures
  • Supervision of change order
  • Quality control
  • Supervision of field
  • Report on workers, subcontractors, availability and quality of materials
  • Monthly status reports
  • Cost Management
  • Control of schedule
  • Management of subcontractors


In both pre-construction and construction, we work closely with the owner, major subcontractors, design team, city officials and authorities concerned. Prior to construction, the owner has requirements and expectations that are recognized by North American Construction Co. Our team may encounter challenges and to address these issues it is necessary to distribute the work among its members.
Our pre construction process is as follows:
  1. Set up a budget, which will serve as a basis for the project’s development.
  2. Perform cost analysis at every stage during pre-construction.
  3. Accomplish a review on constructability and present recommendations for a team to consider.
  4. Make a master schedule, which indicates milestones for every activity accomplished.
  5. Create a utilization plan for the site, which includes the major concerns during the phase of construction like access, public safety and traffic control
  6. Make a comprehensive project schedule.
  7. Submit all requirements for construction like permits and authority to construct.


Our team, with its leadership, ensures the smooth and timely completion of every construction project.
Our construction services are as follows:
  • Supervision of all activities related to construction from the time of mobilization up to occupancy.
  • Administration of short-range and long-range scheduling
  • Management of information with regards to documentation, communication and correspondence
  • Quality Control program implementation for facility to be constructed in agreement with contract
  • Safety program implementation, which includes prevention, pre-planning, reinforcement and monitoring
  • Capacity to perform activities on construction for competitive costing, timely schedule and project management
  • Tracking of required documentations and inspections to complete, occupy and operate a facility

Project Planning

Each project should be planned ahead of time with the necessary details to create goals every step of the way during the construction period. To speed up the process, a schedule for each week is required, with a time-to-time update. There should, also, be weekly meetings on-site, attended by the persons involved in the project like jobsite workers and those from upper management, if needed. A comprehensive plan, constant monitoring and continuous communication are effective in reducing this. As part of the plan, submissions, procurement and approvals are constantly monitored just like any task.  Phases of pre-planning, monitoring and execution work in synergy with one another.

Quality Control

North American Construction Co. is dedicated towards proactive building analyses. We study and address construction issues to reassure owners the building has been constructed, according to plan, in terms of features and functional systems. The company works hand-in-hand with project architects and engineers to review the site’s efficiency and the building’s exterior envelope, plans and specifications as follows:
  • Efficiency of Site Usage
  • Water Testing of Building’s Exterior Skin and Window Systems
  • Analysis and Testing of Roof Systems
  • Review of Constructability
  • Coordination of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

Green Build

North American Construction Co. builds structures that are environment friendly, making them ideal and healthy to reside and work in, allowing a better performance.  The construction business has a deep impact on our health, environment, productivity and our economy. There are several innovations in building science, which can benefit owners that plan to build green structures, to optimize performance with respect to the economy and environment.